This 16-week course is a detailed analysis of wine using American Sommelier's methodology of interpretation.  Students are taught how to gather sensory data using visual, aroma and flavor cues to make supportable deductions about the contents of their glass.  Blind Tasting is the synthesis of empirical data gathering at the students theoretical knowledge.  The course culminates in a final exam that requires students to describe, analyze and name the contents of six glasses in 24 minutes.  

Course Outline

  1. Methodology
  2. Grape & Style Analysis
  3. Timing & Stamina
  4. Final Exam Week 16


  1. Homework and research projects
  2. Final Exam


VITI1 & VITI2 Certificate or equivalent coursework

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$1000.00 per person (includes 4 Italian Crystal Wine glasses in monogramed ASA logo carrying case)