Grape Mapping

“VITI1: Grape Mapping” offers an expanded and more detailed look at the information covered in Foundation.  Each of the ten classes focuses on one or more grape varieties, comparing and contrasting benchmark styles from growing regions in both the Old and New Worlds.  For each style students learn more about the influencing factors of the region.  Through lecture, comparative tastings, and assignments, students develop a more profound understanding of the impact of climate, soil, and geography on varietal expression.

Weekly quizzes help students plot their progress and strengthen their knowledge.  A final theory test written in the last class contributes to each student’s overall grade.

As a whole, the VITI Series (VITI1 & VITI2) offers a knowledge and understanding of viticulture & vinification, presenting the material in a sequence of manageable 10-week courses.  We have carefully designed the VITI Series curriculum to maximize the student’s potential for comprehension, retention and overall success.

    Who should take VITI1?

    • Students with a foundation of wine knowledge, looking to move up the ladder
    • Students looking for an introductory academic course of wine study incorporating theory and tasting
    • Foundation graduates

    Graduates of VITI1…

    • Have a global understanding of how the vineyard environment impacts the resulting wine
    • Understand and can identify differentiating characteristics of Old World and New World styles
    • Are comfortable comparing and contrasting theory and characteristics of benchmark styles of 12 grape varieties
    • Have an understanding of how grapes are grown and the winemaking process
    • Profound confidence in tasting and analysis procedures

    Course Outline

    1. Introduction
    2. Pinot Noir
    3. Chardonnay
    4. Cabernet Sauvignon & Blends
    5. Sauvignon Blanc & Blends
    6. Grenache, Syrah & Tempranillo
    7. Riesling
    8. Sangiovese & Nebbiolo
    9. Chenin Blanc & Pinot Gris
    10. Final Exam & Introduction to Sparkling Wines


    1. Weekly quizzes
    2. Research Project
    3. Final Exam

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