Geography Mapping

VITI2 digs deeper into the topics covered in VITI1, while simultaneously introducing new grapes and regions. Each class focuses on a different set of regions, presenting more advanced concepts in wine. 

Graduates of Viti2: 

  • Have a global understanding of how the vineyard environment and variables impacts the resulting wine
  • Understand and be able to identify differentiating characteristics of Old World and New World styles
  • Be comfortable comparing and contrasting theory and characteristics of benchmark styles of 12 grape varieties
  • Have an understanding of how grapes are grown and the winemaking process
  • Profound confidence in tasting and analysis procedures

Course Outline

  1. Viticulture, Vinifcation & Champagne
  2. France I: Burgundy
  3. France II: Bordeaux
  4. Italy I: Piedmont & the North
  5. Italy II: Tuscany & the South
  6. Spain & Portugal
  7. USA I: California
  8. USA II
  9. Germany & Austria
  10. Australia & New Zealand
  11. South America & South Africa
  12. Final Class


  1. Weekly quizzes
  2. Research Project
  3. Final Exam


VITI1 Certificate or equivalent coursework

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